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"How Do I Increase My VA Disability Rating?"

Follow the simple tips in our "VA Disability Rating Blueprint" and see if you may be able to increase your VA disability rating by over 37 percent*, just like thousands of other veterans!

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VA Claim Pros™

VA Claim Pros is a veteran-owned, medical consulting firm with over 50 years of professional medical experience.

* Results vary among veterans & are entirely dependent upon verified medical evidence.

"Raise Your VA Disability Rating In Only 28 Days?"

Jack T.

From the time I started the process until I had a decision from the VA raising my rating it took 28 days, this in its self is miracle. I have and will recommend VA Claim Pros to others. My experience has been nothing less than Excellent.

Items You'll Review To Help Maximize Your Rating!

The accuracy of your disability rating
Why a 0%
 rating is valuable
Secondary conditions & their impact
The value of getting professional help

VA Claim Pros™


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